Benefits of Membership

  • Employment. Employers recognize that Law Review members have superior analytical, research, writing, and time management skills. As a result, many employers prefer to hire Law Review members.

  • Academic Credit. Law Review members can earn four academic credits for successful completion of their duties and responsibilities of Law Review membership.

  • ULWR Credit. All Law Review members fulfill the rigorous Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR) necessary for graduation in the course of completing a publishable quality Comment or Note.

  • Additional Benefits. Membership on the Law Review has many additional benefits including the chance to publish a scholarly article; the opportunity to improve research, writing, and editing skills; and the opportunity to serve the academic community.

Membership to the Michigan State Law Review is limited to second- and third-year students at the Law College who have completed the first-year curriculum, achieved a GPA of at least a 3.0, and successfully completed the competition casenote.

Application Procedure

Upon completion of the 1L year, eligible students who are interested in joining the Law Review must write a competition casenote and complete a citation editing assignment. Students writing the casenote are provided all of the required and necessary sources to write a substantive casenote on the provided legal topic. The citation editing assignment requires the student to complete citation edits on a portion of a simulated Law Review article. Any student with a 3.85 GPA or above may waive the casenote requirement; however, the editing assignment must still be completed.

Potential candidates for the Law Review must have at least four semesters of study remaining at the Law College. Transfer students interested in joining the Law Review may do so provided that they meet the academic eligibility requirements and write a competition casenote.

Dual degree students and part-time students may also join the Law Review provided that they meet the academic eligibility requirements and have at least four semesters of study at the Law College.


Interested transfer students should contact the Senior Notes Editor for more information using the following form:

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