Issue 5

Symposium: "Gender and the Legal Profession's Pipeline to Power"

Gender and the Legal Profession's Pipeline to Power

Hannah Brenner & Renee Newman Knake

Keynote Speech at the Spring 2012 Pipeline to Power Symposium

Linda Greenhouse

Women and the Path to Leadership

Deborah L. Rhode

Feminism, Stalled: Thoughts on the Leaky Pipeline

Judge Nancy Gertner (Ret.)

The Limits of Debate or What We Talk About When We Talk About Gender Imbalance on the Bench

Keith J. Bybee

Choosing Judges: A Bumpy Road to Women's Equality and a Long Way to Go

Sally J. Kenney

Do Female "Firsts" Still Matter? Why They Do for Female Judges of Color

Amber Fricke & Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Pathways for Women to Senior Management Positions and Board Seats: An A to Z List

Douglas M. Branson

From Agnatic Succession to Absolute Primogeniture: The Shift to Equal Rights of Succession to Thrones and Titles in the Modern European Constitutional Monarchy

Christine Alice Corcos

Unnatural, Incompetent, and Unviable: Press Portrayals of Women Candidates for President

Erika Falk

Reactions to the Presistent Gender Disparity in Student Note Publication

Jennifer C. Mullins

Female Law Students, Gendered Self-Evaluation, and the Promis of Positive Psychology

Dara E. Purvis

The Pipeline to the Legal Profession: Perspectives from Michigan State University College of Law

Abigail A. Rury

Gender and the Crisis in Legal Education: Remaking the Academy in Our Image

Paula A. Monopoli

Sisters in Law: Black Women Lawyers' Struggle for Advancement

Carla D. Pratt

Work-Family Conflict and the Pipeline to Power: Lessons from European Gender Quotas

Julie C. Suk

Choosing to Lead, Chosen to Lead: The Path to Bar Leadership Power for Women in Michigan

Janet Welch

A Blueprint for Blogger Involvement in Academic Legal Symposia

Bridget J. Crawford

Issue 2

Symposium: "Lawyers as Conservators"

Introduction: Lawyers as Conservators

Joan W. Howarth

On the Declining Importance of Legal Institutions

Thomas D. Morgan

The Importance of Being Earnestly Independent

Gordon Turriff Q.C.

Crisis Regulation

James E. Moliterno

Abandoning an "Unethical" System of Legal Ethics

David Barnhizer

Practicing Law in the Twenty-First Century in a Twentieth (Nineteenth) Century Straightjacket: Something has to Give

Jack A. Guttenberg

Economists on Deregulation of the American Legal Profession: Praise and Critique

Benjamin H. Barton

Rethinking Lawyer Regulation: How a Relational Approach Would Improve Professional Rules and Roles

Russell G. Pearce & Eli Wald

Will There Be Fallout from Clementi? The Repercussions for the Legal Profession after the Legal Services Act 2007

John Flood

Training Young Lawyers to be Conservators of Legal Institutions & the Rule of Law

The Honorable David W. McKeague

Financing the Future of Legal Education: "Not What it Used to Be"

Steven R. Smith

Teaching Theory Versus Practice: Are We Training Lawyers or Plumbers?

Peter Toll Hoffman

Lawyers as Conservators and Guardians: Justice, the Rule of Law, and the Relevance of Sir Thomas More

Blake D. Morant

Cultural Narratives of the Legal Profession: Law School, Scamblogs, Hopelessness, and the Rule of Law

Daniel D. Barnhizer

Polish Legal Education in the Light of the Recent Higher Education Reform

Izabela Krasnicka

Justice for Sale: Contemplations on the "Impartial" Judge in a Citizens United World

Aviva Abramovsky

Preserving the Rule of Law in the 21st Century: The Importance of Infrastructure and the Need to Create a Global Lawyer Regulatory Umbrella Organization

Laurel S. Terry