Jaclyn Kaminski

Associate (3L Member)

Expected graduation: May 2017

Summer experience: Intern, Department of Environmental Quality - Lansing, MI

Jaclyn Kaminski graduated summa cum laude from Oakland University in 2014 with a major in history and a minor in art history. She received a full tuition scholarship for Michigan State University College of Law. She also received the jurisprudence award in first-year property, and two more jurisprudence awards during her second year. Jaclyn is a Michigan native and loves being outdoors, whether she’s gardening, hiking, or kayaking. She is interested in pursuing a career in real estate law, estate planning, and intellectual property law, perhaps with some family law on the side. In her free time, Jaclyn is an avid musical theater fan and enjoys singing and playing piano.

For more information, please see Jaclyn's LinkedIn profile.